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Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog




Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog :

Hello friends In this post I will discuss about the best second ad network after adsense. We will discuss about which is an ad network for publishers and advertisers. This ad network is brought to you by Yahoo ! and Bing networks.


If I am talking about adsense, it works only as CPC program but offers CPM (Coast Per Mile). It means that in this program you will be paid for every 1000 impressions. It’s CPM value is so higher than any other network.


There is also a very tough procedure to get the approval for adsense but if you have quality content whether it’s small blog, you will get approval easily on


If you are getting traffic from USA and Canada then your CPM will be higher. So if you are getting 1000 visitors in a day, easily you can earn $10 dollars.



Features Of Media.Net :


As have already discussed that its brought to you by bing and yahoo , so there is no chance to get cheated. Its a legit ad network same as Adsense.


Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog


Best feature of this network is ,contextual ads. It means that if you have a targeted niche with quality content then your ads will be as similar as your content.


Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog



Its ad format is so cool for both desktop and mobile. It serves high quality ads to your blog which does not effects your page quality.

You can increase your revenue by increasing number of ads in to your page. It does not mean that from which device you are getting traffic. Your every traffic will generate revenue for you.



How To Start With Media.Net :


Its so easy to start your earnings with This ad network dont have as much restrictions as adsense. Before registering with ,Read complete Policies Here


You will find a point that you should get maximum traffic from USA and Canada but if your are getting 10 to 20% traffic from USA or Canada, your application will be approved.


To register with Click Here.


After getting registered, you will get a mail that we will review your application and revert you. With in a week ,you will get the confirmation that your application has been approved or not.


After getting approved you can monetize your blog. You can select different types of ads here. After completing it’s payment threshold ,you can withdraw your amount. Here you will get same options as adsense but also your can withdraw your money using PayPal. Payment Proof :


Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog



You can see in to image, as highlighted I earned more than $20 in a day with a small amount of traffic. On initial stage, I used more than two ads on a single page but after some time I reduces that is why my earning was reduced.


Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog


You can check above my earning graph monthly. I was really very surprised after getting more than $200 dollars with in 20 days.


Best CPM Network To Monetize Your Blog


You can check complete earnings here. Finally it shows that if you are not getting approval for adsense account or your adsense account has been disabled then it’s not the end of your blogging journey as we have multiple quality platforms to monetize our blogs.


If you have already monetized your blog with adsense then you can multiply your earnings using also on your blog.


I hope this article will help you to understand the complete review on If you have any doubt or any concern then comment in comment box, I will help you out soon.




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