How To Create A Free WordPress Blog With Free Hosting And Domain


Create A Free WordPress Blog




Hello friends in this post I will discuss that how to create a free WordPress blog using free hosting and domain. I know very well that every one wants to start his own blog but he is not able to invest money. Now dont worry I will tell you that how can you create your free blog with free domain and free hosting.

I have already discussed that how can you create your free blog using Because of some limited tools and qualities there is a need of WordPress website. So in this post I will discuss that how you can start your free blog on WordPress same as a professional blogger.


What We Need To Create A Blog :


If we are creating a blog or website then there is a need of three things :

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Web designing tool.


These are the three things which wee need to create a website or blog. If I am talking about the paid package, it would cost approx $50 or 3500 INR. But I will discuss about the free domain provider and free hosting provider to create a professional website or blog.


Free Domain :

There is a website which provides free domain for lifetime. This website is You can get .tk , .ga , .cf type domains. Simply you have to register on this website and enter your domain to check availability. If your domain is available then simply proceed with that domain.


Create A Free WordPress Blog



To register your domain Click Here


Free Hosting :


You have created your domain. Now its a time to create your hosting account. Now will discuss about a website which gives free hosting with C-panel. This website is 000webhost. There is no need to invest money to host your website here. It gives lifetime free access for a single website. It also has it’s paid plan but will discuss about the free one. You have to simply register on this and create your account.

To create your free hosting account Click Here


How to Connect Domain With Hosting :


I think you have registered for both domain and hosting. Now there is a need of park your domain in to hosting. When you will go to your hosting account there will be an option to add a website.


Create A Free WordPress Blog


When you will click here your website will create with a temporary sub-domain like

Now its time to connect your domain with this sub-domain. To connect your domain go to ” Set Web Address” in to your hosting account. Now it will ask you to park your domain.


Create A Free WordPress Blog


You have to enter your domain name in to given above box which you have registered with freenom. Also you can see two name servers, you just need to submit these name servers in to your domain as given below.

Create A Free WordPress Blog


As shown in to image click on manage domain in front of your domain in to freenom account.


Create A Free WordPress Blog

When you will move your cursor on management tool as shown in to image ,it will ask for the name servers. Now click on that and enter your nameserver-1 and nameserver-2 which you got from hosting account.


Congrats ! You have parked your domain with your hosting. Now our 000webhost subdomain will be converted in to your domain. Now the final step is to design your website.


How To Design Website with WordPress.

Your hosting provider gives a website building tool using which you can create your wordpress website. Now in your hosting account go to ” Built Website ” option and you will see there two options as given below.


Create A Free WordPress Blog


Now you have to click on “Install Now ” on ” build WordPress website ” section. Wait for a moment it will create your online database. Finally your WordPress website is ready. Now it will ask to configure your website. When you will click on that it will ask your WordPress admin ID and Password.


Login to your wordpress admin panel and chose your theme which you want to select for your website or blog.


Create A Free WordPress Blog



As shown in to image you can customize your website by moving your cursor on appearance. If you want to select theme then click on themes or click on customize to make changes in existing theme.


You can monetize this website easily with affiliate programs or with ppc programs. But you can’t apply for google adsense to monetize your .tk domain.


I hope this article will help you to start your free blog to make your free earning machine. If you have any doubt or any issue then comment in to comment box, I will try to short it out.




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