Earn Money By Sharing Images And Videos On Facebook And Whatsapp

arn Money By Sharing Images And Videos


Hello friends in this post I will discuss about the easy method of earning. Always we think that why the people share images and videos on whatsapp and facebook. Only for the fun ? . No absolutely not. These images and videos are being shared only for making money online. I think every one has seen n number of posts and shares from a single people which are also being shared by you. By sharing other’s videos and images ,you are helping to them to increase their earnings. So why are you not start to make money online by sharing your own viral images and videos. I think you dont know that how you have to earn money by sharing these images and videos. Dont worry I will tell you about a website from where you can earn unlimited money by uploading and sharing viral videos and images.


This website is 101IMG.com. Yes on this website you can earn unlimited money only by uploading and sharing the same file. Now will discuss about the complete method that how will you make the money.


What Is 101IMG.com :


101img.com is a website that allow you to make money by sharing images and videos with your friends through whatsapp , facebook, twitter and google+ . It allows you to share unlimited content and it  may be torrent viral content also.

You have to simply upload your content and get link. Share that link with your friends. There are different different earning slaves for every country. Its so beneficial for US, Canada, Australia customers.


There is no restrictions to select any type of media file as it may be adult content as well. But make sure that never share that content with below age person as its unethical. It allows you to share as much as you can. In future if you want to get your previous generated content then also you can find that as there is an internal storage. So you can generate unlimited links to share and earn.

Its easiest way to earn money with fun. So start your earnings today.


How Much It Pays For 1000 Views :


As already have discussed that there are different – different  slaves for different countries. It pays you for every unique click.  You can check your earning slave as given below :


earn Money By Sharing Images And Videos


There are 4 groups divided by the geographical locations. These groups are A,B,C,D. Also you can check that in which group you are falling. If you are falling under group A it means that you have a golden chance to earn money as it pays $8 for 1000 view ,which is more than any other earning method. If you are sharing 10 links everyday and getting only 1000 views on every image or file it means that in a day your earning will be $ 80 , which is really more than any other earning method.


How Can Start Earnings :

earn Money By Sharing Images And Videos


Its so easy to start your earnings on 101img. Simply you have to register on it and upload your image then finally share with your friends on social media or any other place. When anyone will click on it, you will be paid for that.


To regicter Click Here


It will ask you to fill up a registration form and after submitting that form you will be registered successfully.


earn Money By Sharing Images And Videos


After login in to your dashboard you will see this  dashboard where you can track everything. If you want to generate your video link,then you have to click on videos or if want to generate link for image then you have to click on image. You can check your earnings simply by clicking on $ symbol.


You can request withdraw after reaching $10 by paypal. When you will complete your $10 ,you will be able to see a request payment button below your earnings.


So if you have a place which is full of traffic, you can earn unlimited money from here. Now start to share files with your friends and earn unlimited money. Its so easy as any one can do because no extra knowledge required here to start your earnings.


I hope this article will help you to understand the whole process to earn money by sharing media files. You you have any doubt or any concern then let me know or comment below , I will help you to resolve the same.



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