How to Make Money By Selling Your Own Ebooks Online


How to Make Money By Selling Your Own Ebooks Online



Hello friends ! I hope you are doing good. Friends today in my post I will tell you a great way to earn $5000 in a month easily. Yes its not a joke as already I have made approx $2000 in a month. As its fact that there is no short cut of success so you have to work hard to get rich and a successful person. But also you can become only with some smart work. So this is the smart way to earn money a lot without working hard.


Some of the people has regret that they did not get higher qualifications that is why they have loose there game of life. No friend, that’s not true. Still you have chances to make your dreams true only with some smart work. I was also thinking the same before some time but when started to work online, have got a way to make me successful than others. So don’t worry and continue with olexo to get your dreams true.

In this post I will discuss that How to Make Money By Selling Your Own Ebooks Online.

From previous few years the graph of e-book selling has been drastically changed. As every one want to go though with e-books instead of hard copy of books . Also its easy to purchase and read in to any device like cellphone or laptop,computers at any time.


E-book industry says that till 2018 the total e-book revenue will be approx $8 billion per year. So this is the right time to start your own e-book business to be a part of these millionaires.

What are the E-Books :

E- book is a simple book which can be downloaded from internet. It can be depend on any topic. So its a part of digital world. it gives freedom to get access at any time from anywhere in the world.

If you are planning to publish your own e-book then it dont have any restriction to chose your niche. Your can select your niche as mysterious world, earning methods, jokes, shayari, technical related to any field or something special in which you are best. Its a fair game of subject as what trend is going on in the market to get an e-book. If you have an idea that what topic have you selected then dont disclose this infront of any media or publisher as today there is a competition in the market to be new and different to get the success over night.


In this whole game you are just going to handle every thing like writing, publishing, promotion and sales only by your self. And benefit also will be only yours because you don’t have any partner or any boss to take a part in your benefit.


In recent years self published authors had big success. They sold their books direct through Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing.


Create Your First E-Book – From Where Have to Take Content :


I know that every one has a confusion that how they have to create their first e-book as they did not create previous or dont have matter to write. So dont worry I will discuss about two best methods to create your e-book without worry on content.

These two things are

  • Blog
  • Copyright expired e-books.

Yes these two methods are best methods to start your e-book writing. You dont need any new content if not very frank with your writing skills. You can chose both of the methods to start your e-book writing.


Blog :

Believe me that if you are earning money with your existing blog then easily you can make your e-book from there. Copy and paste your content to Ms Word and edit if required. Delete that things which are not required and set images as per your niche. Now change its format from Ms Word to PDF. Congrats ! you first e-book is ready to be sold in the market. Create an effective cover page so that it can attract to your readers. Select the competitive price in  the market as there are already so many sellers to sell their E-books in a competitive price.


Copyright Expired E-books :

You can re-purpose some e-books. It means that its copyright has been expired and you can take its content in your e-book even any one can use its content. If you want then you can re-work or can publish same as you got. Now convert it in the e-book format and publish.

I think you have got that its not so difficult to write your first e-book. You can take help from google as well to write effectively. But never copy paste any copyrighted content in your e-book.

If you have difficulties to select a competitive topic then dont worry there is a method to select that. You can check the trend of your topic on google trends.


To check trend of your topic Click Here


How And Where You Have To Sell Your E-Book :


Now you have created your first E-Book . But now the question is that how and where you have to sell your e-book. So don’t  worry I will tell you a method to sell your e-book also. There are so many market places where you can submit your e-book as product to sell. There are two best market places



So these are the two best online market places to sell your e-book. Also you can sell your e-book on your blog. As I have seen that every blogger use to promote others E-book to get commission from there. Now stop to do that as you have capability to make promote and sale your own product. And the benefit behind that is to get 100 % amount in your pocket. So you will need Paypal gateway and a place to set your icon on your blog. Now start to earn money from your blog.


I hope this article will help you to understand the complete process that How to Make Money By Selling Your Own Ebooks Online. If you have any doubt or any question then leave a comment I will revert on that.



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