How To Make Money With FaceBook – Smart Marketing Strategy

How To Make Money With FaceBook

Hello friends. In this post today I will discuss about the best strategy to earn money from facebook. Now the question is that “How To Make Money With FaceBook”.¬†Now I will tell you that how can you make money from facebook.

As we know that facebook is a biggest social media network. We have used this media to connect with the people but never think that we can make a lot of money from our facebook profile. Yes, that’s true that we can earn money from facebook working for a short time.

Facebook is a place where people come to connect with the people and share their thoughts. So its a best place to share our products and services with our friends and visitors.


Strategy Behind Making Money From The FaceBook :

Now the question is that how can get rich from facebook. Don’t worry I will tell you that how can you start your earnings with facebook. To start earning there is a need of

  • FaceBook Profile
  • FaceBook Page


You need these two things before starting your business through facebook. First of all you have to create a facebook profile and collect more friends. Finally when you will reach on good number of friends then you have to create a page as per your interest and you have to update something interesting in this page as per it’s name on daily basis. By doing this you will attract your friends to visit your page. By this strategy your visitors will increase on your page. Once you will reach more than 1000 visitors, you can start to earn money from your page and profile.


The most important thing is visitor. Try to upload unique and interesting content on daily basis so that you can increase your visitors. Ask to you visitors to like and share your posts so that you can increase your new visitors. It will help you to make your profile and page famous.


In the early age, facebook is the best marketing method. People becomes failure sometimes to earn money online because they don’t have enough visitor base on their blog or website. But the facebook is the best option to chose your marketing place as there is no investment to start marketing for your product.


How To Make Money With FaceBook  :


Now we have made our successful facebook page and started to get traffic on that but the question is that how to make money from that page?

Dont worry there are N number of methods to earn money online from your existing visitors on facebook. Some best methods are given below.

Affiliate Marketing :

You can join any best affiliate program to start earning with facebook page. To check best affiliate programs Click Here

I think you have joined affiliate program. Now simply you have to register on affiliate website and generate your affiliate link. Finally copy that affiliate link and share on your page. People will purchase that product from your affiliate link and you will get commission for the same sale. Also you can join PPC (Pay Per Click ) affiliate programs to monetize your facebook page.

From this method you can make as money as your product will be required in the market. So its simplest and easy way to make money from your page. There are millions of products to sell so chose only that product which is required in the market.


Sell Your Own E-Book :

As you know that it’s a digital age and no one has time to spend ¬†wandering here and there. So its a best way to earn money as everyone search books on internet. Also it has become a trend to use digital books. When you promote any other’s product then you get only 10 to 15% commission so I will suggest you to write your own e-book to get 100% profit.


To know that how to create your e-book Click Here


So design your own E-book and promote that on your facebook page. You can simply register on payment gateways free of cost to get your payments in your bank account.

If you want to sell more e-books then you have to select competitive price. Suppose you are selling your book only in $.5 and per day you are selling minimum 20 copies (on initial stage) it means you will make $10 (670 INR) easily. So dont wait and create your own product to sell on your page.


I hope this article will help you to start your profitable business with your facebook. If you have any doubt then comment, I will answer your questions shortly.


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