How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot And Become A Blogger

Hello friends I think you are doing good ! . Today every one wants to start earning online and also searching a legit and best way to earn money. The best way to earn money online is blogging. But the problem is that every one can not invest money to start a blog on initial stage. Also people want to know first that can they get the response from blogging or not. So today I will tell you that how to start a free blog and start earning. Dont worry there is no need of investment.   Will discuss that How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot as its a google product and easy to start. You don’t need to have the knowledge of programming or any language to start a blog on Its so simple to create and monetize your blogger’s blog. It also known as blogspot

What Will Be Need To Start A Blog :

You don’t need any extra knowledge or skill to develop and start a blog on blogger. Only you should be passionate for the writing so that can deliver your thoughts in a good content to your readers. Also you have to select that topic on which you can write without working more. With these things you need a laptop or computer with good internet speed.   Never start a blog only for the money because it will short your blogging carrier. Start your blogging carrier as your passion and fame and result will be money and fame both. So I think that you have selected your topic to start your own blog.

How To Create Blog :

To create your blog simply you have to register on blogger first. To register on blogger, Click Here. When you will click on link , It will show an option to start your blog as shown in given below image.     How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot   Now Click on Create Your Blog. It will ask about the login ID and password of your Gmail. Its mandate to have a gmail account. When you will submit the detail you will be simply register for the blogger.     How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot When you will enter your login details it will ask you to create your account as shown two options in upper given image. Now click on 1st option as Create Google+ Account to get unlimited access. Now you will get your final step to select your blog address and Blog name.   Chose a unique blog address and name which should be related to your topic. Because it will attract to your visitors. Finally you have created your blogger account and now it will show you your admin panel.   How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot   Now you can post your first post by clicking on new post. Create quality posts so that your visitors can visit your blog again and again. Also use keywords in your blog post. If you want to show your blog on google then you have to submit your blog in to google webmaster. Now you have started your blog and be ready to monetize it. There is a $ symbol by clicking on that you can make your adsense account and it will take some time to monetize your blog. You can submit your posts in any language but google supports English as a best language to list it on google so select your content words in to English.   Your posts should be more than 300 words. Because google gives value only to the quality content. So dont worry about the traffic only work hard to give your best to post a quality content.

How to Start Earning With Your Blogger’s Blog :

Its not tough to monetize your blog. There are N number of methods in the market to monetize your blog. But the best monetization method is “Google Adsense”. So dont worry about the monetization but its important to get the traffic on your blog. Because if you dont have traffic, you can’t get money from any monetization method. So first of all try to generate an organic traffic on your blog. After 3 months of your blog creation, Your adsense monetization option will be automatically enabled. So there are two best methods to monetize your blog

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Google Adsense.

To know about the best affiliate programs to monetize your blog, Click Here So you can monetize your blog simply using these two methods. But try to increase your traffic to increase your conversion.   I hope this article will help you to start your own free blog. If you have any doubt or any concern regarding the same, you can simply leave a comment. i will reply you soon.


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