Make Money From YouTube Without Your Own Channel And Videos


Make Money From YouTube




Hello Friends, in this post I will tell you that how can you make money from youtube without your own channel and videos. I know that every one wants to earn money from youtube but the problem is, they are not able to create a channel. So dont be so hopeless. I will tell you that how can you make money from youtube without creating any channel or without making even a single video. Yes its 100 % true.


Now a days youtube is a big source of income for the people who are earning money online. Everyone wants to start earnings from youtube. May be some of them started to work also with youtube but because of some youtube or adsense restrictions they left to work with the same platform. Today in this post I will give you a 100% working method from where you can earn more than youtube channel. Simply you will be able to start earnings from any famous youtube channel without working more.



Make Money From YouTube :

As you know that for making money from youtube ,first of all you have to create your own youtube channel. Then you have to create your videos with unique content. Journey don’t stop here. Now finally you have to wait for a long to get subscribers and viewers. So its very difficult task and asking a long time to give you revenue. Also there are so many restrictions because of which some of the channels and videos become deleted from youtube. So its very tough to make your own brand or name in the market.


Whether it’s best and genuine way to earn money online but because of some restrictions and difficulties people stop to work and think that its not possible to make money online. Now don’t worry this method is also genuine and legit to earn money online with youtube. Also there is no restriction to be banned or copyright issues.



Make Money Without Your Own Videos And channels :


In this method you have to simply select a trending video channel. First of all you have to select a channel which is so famous on youtube platform. After that you have to simply make your own android application with that channel.

By creating that application you can easily monetize that channel using admob platform.


Exmp : I have a so famous channel named as ABC .

Simply you have to copy that channel’s link and create an application. Now the question is that how can we create an application. So the answer is . You can create an android application simply by registering on it.

To know more about how to create application using Appsgeyser Click Here.


When you will registered on this  website, it will show you an option as create app. After clicking on that you have to scroll down and  select YouTube option. Now it will ask you to select theme, you have to select Youtube theme.


Make Money From YouTube



Make Money From YouTube





As shown in to image, you have to enter channel address in to address bar and click on next. Now congratulations your viral app has been created. Now publish that app on application platforms. The final step is to monetize your app. You can  Check Here that how you can monetize your application using admob.


When someone will download your app and will run it, your ads will be shown on to your application for which you will be paid. CPC rate is higher than any other program. So you can easily make $2 to $3 every day with a single app. So if you have 10 applications, you can make easily $20 to $30.

I hope this article will help you to start your earnings without your own channel. If you have any doubt or any query, comment in to comment box. I will revert you soon.







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