How To Publish Your App Free And Earn Money Online : 100% Proof

Publish Your App Free



Hello friends in my last posts I have already discussed that how can you make your own application. And also how can you monetize it.Also have discussed about some free app publishing platforms but today will discuss about a best free platform where you can publish your app without any investment.


Click Here To know that how can you make your application without any coding and investment.


I have already used this personally and really results are amazing. I will show you proofs that how much downloads I am getting from there in a day. I used this platform to check it’s performance that how much worthy is this. My readers were so hopeless as they were not able to pay money on playstore. Now dont worry as we have alternative for that.



How To Publish Your App Free :


I will discuss about a free platform to publish your app. This platform is very famous and it is Its very easy to use and simple to track your performance that how much downloads has done. Now will discuss step by step that how you have to start to publish your app on getjar.



To register with getjar, Click Here

When you will click on this link it will show you two options but you have to click on sign up option as given below

Publish Your App Free


Now when you will click on sign up, it will show you next panel where you have to enter your details as shown in below image.


Publish Your App Free

You will completely fill every box then finally you have to check every box as highlighted under ” Application Platforms”. Now click ” i am not a robot ” and finally on sign up. You will get a confirmation mail where your password will be mentioned with your login ID.



Step : 2


After completion of step one ,you need to logged in to your account. Its your dashboard where you will get an option of submitting your app as given below.


Publish Your App Free


Here click on ” Publishing ” then ” New App “. When you will click here it will show you a form where it will ask you about the thumbnail of you game and about your game’s image.


Publish Your App Free


Fill every detail as asked in form. There you have to submit screen shots with the resolution as given under every box. And finally click on Next. Congrats ! Your app has been submitted and will be reviewed by getjar team. It will take approx 7 days to be approved. And when your app will be approved, your status from ” Under Review ” will be changed in to ” Active ” as shown below.


Publish Your App Free


Proof Of Downloads And Earnings :


I submitted my app on 11th of Aug 2017. It was showing under review till 2oth Aug and finally on 21st it was active. As it’s free platform and also my app’s quality was not so good that is why I was not confident that I will get downloads or not. When I checked my account on 22nd Aug I was really surprised to see downloads and on 21st there were 18 downloads and on 22nd there were more than 30 downloads.


Publish Your App Free

You can check stats here. When downloads started, I monetize my app with admob and was really shocked as started to earn money from same day. It’s CPM (Coast per Mile) was really very surprising and better than any other google ad program.


Publish Your App Free


You can check, I have started to earn money from first day of monetization. So friends start to create your apps and upload on getjar. If you will submit approx 20 apps on getjar, your daily income will be more than $10 dollars. So enjoy this website and start to earn money.


I hope this article will help you to understand the complete process. If you have any doubt or any issue then leave a comment in to comment box, I will reply you soon.



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