Start Your Own Business with 100% Profit No Investment : Drop Shipping


Hello friends again I am here with a new and best earning method. In this method I will discuss to start your own business without investment. I know that everyone wants to start his own business but he is not able to start because of his financial issues. Now dont worry I will help you to start your own business without investment.

As its age of internet and there is a boom of online shopping. So we can start our online business without any investment or without any product and service. If you are ready to work accordingly then you can make more than $2000 every month.

I know that you have a question that how it’s possible then answer in drop shipping. Yes, drop shipping is a method by which you can earn money as much as you want.

When first time I listen about drop shipping, I was really very confused that how can I start. But when I worked hard and start to put products from one site to another, results started to come. I have made personally $8000 without any hard work on drop shipping. You can also earn but for that you have to start work accordingly.


What is Drop shipping :

Drop shipping is as similar as reselling. In this process you have to select two websites and need to sell one’s product on another. You have to select the price as per the website on which you are selling but you have to select this product from that website where price is low.


Now you dont need to ship or design your product and easily you will be able to get money from there.

For Example : When you will select a product on amazon then you will see that price is low but the same product when you will search on e-bay, the price will be higher than Amazon.


Start Your Own Business


As shown in to image, I have selected a product blue microphone on amazon and the price is 8,999 INR. But when I searched the same product on e-bay, there was a big difference between the price of both websites.



Start Your Own Business

On second image you can see , same product has different price in compare to amazon. Price on e-bay was 15,999 INR. There is a difference of 7000 INR which is direct profit. It means if you will sell this product from amazon to e-bay, you will get 7000 INR benefit on every sale.


If monthly you are selling only 15 success deliveries then your earning will be 1 Lac and 5000 Rs monthly which is far batter than any other resource. Also there is no need of higher qualifications or degree. The only dream for the parents is to make you a successful person. But some times after working hard we are not able to get a good job or get the job only with the small earning. But if you dont regret to be less qualified and searching best methods to earn money online then drop shipping is a best method to fulfill your dreams and your family’s dreams.


How to Start Drop Shipping :


Its not so difficult to start your drop shipping business. You have to register on amazon as a simple buyer and on e-bay as a supplier.

Click Here to register on e-bay as a supplier

After getting registered as supplier on e-bay you have to select a product which you want to sell. Now search that product on amazon. If you are getting good profit in that product then post that product specification and price as e-bay has decided. Now when anyone will request to purchase that product, you have to purchase the product by that that amount from amazon. At the place of shipping address you have to put your customer’s address so that amazon will send that product direct to your customer’s address.


Now the question is that when customer put a request to purchase any product from e-bay then why he will accept the product of amazon. Now there is a best solution for the same. When you will purchase product from amazon then you have to select gift option. When you will do the same, amazon will not send any identification that from where this product purchased.


So this is the best method to earn money as you dont need to do any manufacturing or any extra work to start your business. You have to be much smart here to make more sales. Select a simple and less costly product so that you can make successful deliveries because you will get the amount after a successful delivery   only.


I hope this article will help you to make more money and start your own business. If you have any doubt or any concirn then ask me in comment box ,I will help you for the same.


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